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His fully-named, Don Cuasimodo Vinagre (Mr. Quasimodo Vinegar) is the father of Yayita and the father-in-law of Condorito. Don Cuasimodo is a worker man, and fat, is a dominated by his wife Dona Tremebunda, they are money-spendibles.


Like-is wife, he is a fat man, is very grumpy, and he lik-his wife, no are in agreement in the relationship of Yayita and Condorito. Sometimes is in agreement with Condorito, only when he plains a joke to Dona Tremebunda


Don cuasimodo chile

Appearance of Mr. Quasimodo

Don Cuasi as a fat man, wit a moustache in his big nose, in all cases he has been seeked angry. Is bald. He uses a white shirt, a black pants with elastics, a black shoes sometimes with no socks on and rarelymint with a tie.


Don Cuasimodo lived Pellotillehue. It is shown as a semi-rural area. The place is surrounded byfarms, lakes, and crossed by its own lakes. It is either in central or southern Chile. It is located between two towns or cities Cumpeo and Buenas Peras (a rival town).